Thanks to the various audio/video studios, certified and equipped with the most up-to-date machinery, today Asci voice and mind offers a complete range of services ranging from pre to post-production, up to finalization and delivery to the various broadcasters, OTT and Video On Demand streaming platforms and the cinema.

Asci voice and mind is a wonderful machine in which, every day, each team member dedicates themself, with passion and attention, to the quality control of both incoming and outgoing material in their specific sector.

Furthermore, Asci voice and mind has always considered the security of its customers’ content to be fundamental, consequently providing impeccable and unique services, each time tailored to individual needs and in compliance with the most stringent physical and cyber security standards.

The main services offered by the Asci voice and mind technical sector can be divided into three stages:

Audio services:

  • Sound design;
  • Audio Mix 5.1/7.1/9.1/Atmos;
  • Foley recording;
  • Dolby E encoding and decoding.

Video services:

  • Video editing;
  • Graphic localization;
  • Colour correction;
  • 2D/3D VFX.

Finalization and delivery:

  • Quality control of material received and delivered;
  • AV compliant transmission;
  • DCP Master;
  • Layback;
  • Delivery for OTT and VOD transmission;
  • Digital archive.