Today, a well-established studio in the world of dubbing such as Asci voice and mind cannot help offering services for the hard of hearing and blind, so as to always be abreast with the new regulations worldwide. According to these, all TV programs today must provide the possibility of inserting audio description, CC (Closed Caption) subtitles and SDH (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing).

But what exactly does Asci voice and mind offer regarding this sector? Let’s find out. There are essentially two Accessibility Services offered by Asci voice and mind:

  • CC and SDH subtitles,
  • Audio description

Let’s start with the first. CC and SDH subtitles are subtitle types used to allow deaf and hard of hearing viewers to fully enjoy audio-visual content. The difference between the two is that CCs are intended for broadcasting, while SDHs are intended as optional online (OTT, VOD, SVOD), DVD and Blu-ray subtitle tracks. Both include not only the textual version of the dialogue, but also additional descriptive information regarding the various sound effects and non-vocal elements, in order to communicate all audio information to any viewer with hearing problems.
Asci voice and mind has skilled subtitlers for this specific sector, in order to always provide quality products suitable for every need whilst knowing how to best manage every format, thanks to the use of the latest updated technology.

As mentioned above, the second Accessibility Service offered by Asci voice and mind is audio description. This is used to allow blind and partially sighted people to fully enjoy visual media. Audio description is nothing more than a verbal narrative, during natural pauses in the dialogue, describing the relevant visual components of what is happening on the screen in order to help blind people better follow the plot. It is mainly used to provide information regarding action, body language, captions and scene changes that the soundtrack does not communicate. A good audio description must have two characteristics: not to interfere with the soundtrack and not to provide redundant information with respect to what has already been communicated. Also, as regards the audio description, Asci voice and mind boasts highly qualified staff dedicated to writing the AD scripts and establishing precise timing.

The real strength of Asci voice and mind in this sector remains in its field experience combined with close collaboration with end users; factors that guarantee it major development in the sector and more than extensive expertise.