Studio Asci deals with the two main branches of dubbing, Lip Sync and Voice-over. Let’s analyse them separately. Lip Sync, the most commonly used dubbing technique, consists of “giving” actors a language other than their original one, without the audience noticing. Lip synchronization is fundamental; the more fluid it is, the less viewers will notice the artifice, thus remaining more involved and enchanted by the magic of the film.

Lip Sync technique is seen as the maximum expression of dubbing and is used both for live action and for animated films, without forgetting TV series, teasers and trailers.

Are you looking for high quality Lip Sync dubbing? Asci voice and mind is for you.

Within the company, this process is divided into three phases:

Translation and dialogue adaptation: Asci has always worked with professionals able to offer translations and adaptations of flawless dialogue. The adaptation of a script is very delicate because when translating and adapting a dialogue for lip sync, it is essential to take into account both the length of the takes and the lip movements of the actors on the screen.

Voice Casting: when entering the world of Lip Sync dubbing, it is essential to learn how to associate the most suitable voice with each face. The dubbing directors with whom Asci voice and mind collaborates are experts in choosing the voice that best conforms to the character in question, thus ensuring that the voice-actor and actor-voice coupling is as natural as possible. A Voice Casting service is also available on request.

Recording, audio editing and mixing: after choosing the best voices, the real recording phase follows. The key is impeccable acting, fundamental in offering the best possible interpretation of the adaptation. After the recording, the last two phases remain: audio editing aims at positioning the recorded takes on the image so that the words correspond to the original lip movements, while the mixing, the last step of the dubbing process, combines the dubbed voices with the M&E track (audio track containing music and effects).