We have now come to a fundamental sector of the world of cinema and dubbing: that dedicated to subtitling.

This term indicates the process of translating the dialogue from the audio source into text written on the screen.

Over the past twenty years, the Asci voice and mind subtitling department has always provided cutting edge multilingual subtitling services, immediately earning itself a more than excellent reputation within the sector.

Subtitles for content localization are generally composed of one or two lines of text positioned at the bottom of the screen or possibly at the top, in order to avoid overlapping a hypothetical text on the screen (such as opening credits or narrative text).

Where possible the subtitles are reproduced in sync with the source audio, or they can be adapted when the dialogue is too fast to guarantee viewers enough time to read it.

The ability to provide translation services for multilingual subtitling has always allowed Asci voice and mind to satisfy an exceptionally large audience.

Thanks to linguistic specialists, the studio is able to provide subtitles for broadcast platforms, digital cinema, home video, web and social media, as well as OTT multimedia streaming and Video On Demand services.
The studio is always able to guarantee top quality subtitles, thanks to a selection process for internal and freelance subtitlers, always carried out with great care and above all, with emphasis on fundamental elements such as a high degree of specialization in subtitling and experience in the field.

The subtitling stations of Asci voice and mind are equipped to perform various functions, including:

  • Process and convert any format, graphics or text into SD and HD quality;
  • Process all video codecs currently in use (WMV, MOV, MP4, etc.);
  • Create and export TV, OTT and Web subtitle formats in accordance with any specification (i.e. .stl, .itt, .srt, .dfxp files);
  • Create and export subtitles for DCP in .xml format or in pre-rendered image files and accompanying .xml files;
  • Create and export DVD subtitles for all authoring systems (Sonic, Spruce, Encore, etc.);
  • Create and export Blu-ray subtitles (.xml + png image files in HD resolution);
  • Create and export subtitles for any editing software (Final Cut, Premiere, Avid, etc.);
  • Create and burn subtitles for karaoke;
  • Create and burn subtitles in all SD and HD video files.

To conclude, Asci voice and mind offers services for reviewing and reformatting existing subtitle files, so that they fully conform to any specification provided.