Imagine sitting in a cinema. The lights suddenly go out and silence falls. This is the moment before the magic.
In fact, you are about to be catapulted into a parallel world; a world that could be better or worse than the real one, but without doubt, will never be the same as the one you left outside.
For a couple of hours your world will no longer exist; only that portrayed on the screen in front of you - that new world in which you feel totally immersed, at least until the moment the lights come on again, maybe even longer.
This is what I call the magic of cinema, a complex machine that needs infinite components in order to be able to start, one of which is and always will be dubbing.
So how about discovering together where this extraordinary discipline comes from and what role Asci voice and mind plays within it? Let's begin!


Our Story

The origins

Launched originally with the name of Studio Asci S.r.l., Asci voice and mind S.r.l., has been active in the audio-visual sector for more than 30 years, but let’s take a step back to rediscover its origins together. Studio Asci was founded in 1989 by Adelaide Sciuto, at the time a young woman who was entering the business world focused solely on her managerial, interpretative and intuitive skills. Adelaide finally combined her character skills not only with a profound study of foreign languages and culture, but also a driving passion for the cinema – characteristics that soon led to her leading her small but tireless business towards success.


The evolution

Initially, Studio Asci dealt only with technical translations for companies, but in 2001 everything began to change. Starting from the first international TV market in Cannes (MIPTV), the company quickly began to multiply the services it offered, rapidly covering a variety of disciplines, such as voiceover in 25 different languages, subtitles, audio restoration and upmixing, and finally dubbing (starting with the home video sector before achieving greater goals with films for the cinema and TV). Today, the dubbing studio department is increasingly dedicated to films and series, destined less for the conventional TV market and more for OTT streaming platforms, whose services are multiplying exponentially. Finally, the studio has developed services such as the creation and burning of DCPs and USB sticks, and software for the cinema and audio description.


The new era

Finally, to conclude this chapter, one last phase is missing. At the end of 2018, Adelaide Sciuto decided to sell 55% of Studio Asci to an investment fund in order to guarantee further corporate growth, in particular regarding physical and cyber security. As a result Asci voice and mind was born, which is dedicated exclusively to the multi-territorial entertainment sector.


Asci voice and mind

Today, Asci voice and mind can be defined as a solid and affirmed organisation, characterized among other things by a high level of team specialization, an exclusive collaboration policy with renowned technical and artistic sector professionals and a vast knowledge of growing market needs. This allows active management of every production stage, better interpretation of customer needs and the constant provision of exceptional quality service.


Where we produce value


We deals with the two main branches of dubbing, Lip Sync and Voice-over


We dedicates an entire department to this type of dubbing, which in turn can be divided into three different techniques


We have now come to a fundamental sector of the world of cinema and dubbing: that dedicated to subtitling


Today, a well-established studio in the world of dubbing like us cannot help offering services for the hard of hearing and blind


Thanks to the various audio/video studios, certified and equipped with the most up-to-date machinery, today Asci voice and mind offers a complete range of services ranging from pre to post-production, up to finalization and delivery to the various broadcasters


A selection of our works


Who believe in Us


The added value of Asci voice and mind

ADELAIDE SCIUTO Global SVP Sales & Business Development

CHIARA VACCHINI​ Lip Sync Dubbing Manager

CHIARA PORTA Subtitle Manager

ERICA MARCHINI Voice Over Manager


SERGIO DELL'OLIO Sound Mixer & Music Director

MATTEO MARANZANA Sound Mixer & Technical Supervisor

ILARIA CARDONE Customer Service


Your content is safe with us

The services offered by Asci voice and mind are provided in compliance with MPAA guidelines.
ASCI voice and mind is part of the TPN (Trusted Partner Network).
TPN is the international standard for content security. 

The HD audiovisual content localized by the studio changes hands through Aspera/Signiant client servers. The external company technicians, with whom Asci voice and mind collaborates, work through proxies by logging into their Azure account.

Periodic vulnerability and intrusion tests, performed by specialist external companies, ensure the constant identification and correction of any weak points in the network infrastructure.

Local area networks are connected via VPN (2-factor authentication) and are protected via Sophos/PF Sense Firewalls.

All access to sensitive areas within the studio’s three facilities is protected thanks to video surveillance and the use of specific badges for each team member. Without a badge, it is impossible to access or move between the various areas within the three premises. They are all equipped with alarm systems and all computers. Belonging to the more sensitive production areas are part of a subnet that is not connected to the Internet (DMZ).

Security of Audiovisual Content after Acquisition

Audio-visual content is downloaded from the client servers and then, via "RAID 10" hard disks that guarantee data integrity, stored in an archive not connected to the Internet. All the machines are located in a protected room, monitored 24 hours a day by alarmed video surveillance cameras. This room can only be accessed by authorized personnel using their own badge.

Quality Control

The compliance of the audiovisual content received is always checked by means of a careful quality control process, which involves both automated procedures and real-time evaluation carried out by specialized and dedicated professionals.

Protected Resource Distribution

The mixing session is created and distributed within the recording rooms via Azure Cloud.

Mixing Session

Exchange of content between the recording and mixing rooms takes place through a LAN if they are in the same location; the Azure cloud is employed if the work has been divided between different facilities.

Product Compliance

Once the mixing is finished, the audio/video post-production completed and the graphics implemented, the audio and video are checked by an authorized professional and the audio is compared with the recorded script. At this point, the product can be said to conform to the technical specifications given by the customer and be ready for the productioncreation of the final version.

Delivery to the Customer

The final version of the audiovisual content is delivered to the customer according to an established procedure, mainly using the 24 hour-a-day Aspera/Signiant protocol.

Content Storage and Destruction

When work has terminated, the original audiovisual content and that produced localized by the studio are either archived or securely destroyed, based on the contractual agreements previously stipulated with the customer owning the content.


Where we operate?
In the beginning Studio Asci S.r.l. was founded as a small company exclusively present in the Cremona area. However, over the years and with the increase in services offered, the business expanded considerably, resulting in it being divided between three locations, each of which dedicated to specific tasks. Today, the original Crema head office takes care of everything related to audio video post-production, translation, subtitles, synchronization and television mixing, dubbing room coordination and reception, as well as delivery of material and content. The other two branches, located in Milan and Rome, are those in which the actual dubbing takes place. To be precise, in the Milan office we dedicate ourselves to dubbing, synchronization and television mixing, while in the Rome office we perform dubbing, synchronization, television and feature film mixing and sound design.
  • ROME



The Asci voice and mind headoffice covers 350 m2 and this is where the management, administration and edition operations offices are located, together with the translation, subtitle and accessibility service divisions and audio/video post-production. The MPAA protocol compliant Azure Cloud server renders the structure in full accord with the most rigorous requirements regarding physical and cyber security.

Address: via IV Novembre 58, 26013 Crema (CR)
Phone: +39 0373/257768

Dubbing Studios

The studios cover an area of 80 m2 and, in addition to a coordination office, consist of two dubbing rooms, whose control rooms can also be used for audio post-production for the television sector. The MPAA protocol compliant Azure Cloud server renders the structure in full accord with the most rigorous requirements regarding physical and cyber security.

Address: via Dei Pellegrini 8/6, 20122 Milano (MI)
Phone: +39 02/89070439

Dubbing Rooms and Mixing Rooms


The studios cover a surface of 600 m2 and consist of four dubbing rooms, a Dolby Surround certified cinema mixing room, a Dolby Atmos certified cinema mixing room, 2 synchronization rooms, a Foley studio and a coordination office. The MPAA protocol compliant Azure Cloud server renders the structure in full accord with the most rigorous requirements regarding physical and cyber security.

via Monte Santo, 25, 00195 Roma (RM)


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